FIT PICK™ Double Spring Tummy Trimmer | Tone Muscle & Get Thinner

  • EFFECTIVELY LOSE WEIGHT – Thanks to Chrome stainless steel spring, it keeps resistance high and Tension evenly, the FitPick Double Spring Tummy trimmer not only helps lose fat but also build strength and endurance! The strong coil-built handle and foot pedal keeps the balance and maintaining sturdiness.
  • TONE MUSCLES AND BUILD STRENGTH AT HOME – No more waiting to start and plan to hit the gym, now you can do entire workout at home, easy to carry still high resistance and sturdiness! This weight loss equipment does it all.
  • 45 MINUTES A DAY KEEPS YOU STRONG – Because FitPick tummy trimmer works on all muscles, entire body could be targeted to lose weight & build muscles, as tension level is high it engages all muscles and maintains its quality.
  • FITS ALL BODY TYPE – FITS UP TO 6 FEET, 100 KG Humans, FitPick Tummy trimmer is small and easy to carry, still fits most body type, thanks to wide contoured pedals & Handle, So if your home is ready for an unobtrusive Fitness equipment that fulfill all your fitness needs, the FitPick is the Tummy Trimmer you were looking for today.
  • FIT PICK PROMISE – Lose weight and tone Muscle at the same time, easy to carry, fits all body type – or we’ll refund all money. Order now.


  • Imagine a Tummy Trimmer that Fulfils Your all Fitness Goals with Ease being ‘Home’ You Prefer.
  • From Beginners to Advance, the FitPick Double Tummy Trimmer makes Workout Fun!
  • Unlike Most Tummy trimmer, Which Fails to Give an all Over, but FitPick Tummy Trimmer Promises to Give Superior Quality, Comfort & High Resistance. It was Engineered with the Perfect all Over Compatible Workout Partner in Mind.


FitPick Tummy trimmer can be carried Anywhere Anytime and is lightweight.

It can be used in various places such as fitness classes, physical exercise and strength training. Size: 11.8 inch x 10.2 inch (L x W)



Creating the Perfect tummy trimmer has been a priority for FitPick, making sure not only quality but also giving satisfying experience from the time placing order till time using it.

Helps in Multiple ways such as strengthening Stomach, Chest, Legs, Arms, Shoulders, Hips & Thighs, workout manual will enhance your experience of working out using Tummy trimmer.


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